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Geek Badges

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$40.00 - On Sale

This is a project I started a while back. I thought it would be cool if you could "earn" merit badges from the various fictional universes that we geeks spend so much time in. Comics, book, movies, video games, etc - as a geek I have gladly devoted hours of my life to so many other "worlds", it's about time I got a badge to show my work.

This is an entire set of the first series of badges produced. The set of 10 includes (1) 1-inch embroidered badge and a small full-color card with detailed information about the badge.

(row 1) - Tie Fighter, Away Team, Broom Jockey
(row 2) - Browncoat, Speedster, Super Soldier, Danger Room
(row 3) - Kessel Run, Mount Doom, Koyashi Maru

For more pictures please visit my website.